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Why to choose Violette & Rose?

A planning just  for you : Our wedding planning is strictly personalized – we craft each and every wedding or event by paying extra attention to all of your specific needs. With us, you won’t find just a wedding planner, but a close companion to share your sweetest wedding fantasies with!

Transparency : Unlike other event planners, we do NOT take commission from vendors or properties when planning your event. We identify the right fit for you — not us — to create a truly special event. To accept royalties creates a conflict of interest that we will not enter into. We have our clients contract directly with vendors so you see line item costs and not simply a rolled up fee that masks true pricing.

Reduce stress : We guide you through the entire process which means your wedding planning will be fun, exciting and stress- free.

Access : We work with the top vendors in the region, having direct access to the “best of the best.”

Save time : Don’t waste hours trying to find reliable vendors. We present you the perfect matches and you make your final selection

Peace of Mind :You’ll be able to relax knowing that every last detail has been considered.